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Hello, my name is Janice, and my hobby is gardening. If you enjoy gardening as much as I do, I'm sure that you'll learn several interesting things when reading this blog. I became interested in gardening several years ago when my husband and I bought a small house in the country. The property had the perfect spot for a garden and I immediately began planting and harvesting many home grown vegetables. After moving into the house, I also started making small improvements to our country home. In this blog, you'll learn gardening tips and unique ideas for sprucing up the inside and outside of your country home.

Not A Fan Of Seams? Consider One Of These Countertop Styles

Choosing laminate for your kitchen countertop is a decision that many homeowners make during renovations. There are plenty of benefits to laminate kitchen countertops — namely, the fact that they're affordable, are available in virtually every color you can contemplate, and are highly resistant to stains. One detrimental element of laminate countertops, however, is the fact that they can have seams — especially if they change direction, which is the case if you have an " Read More 

Creating A Cozy Atmosphere In A Family Room

Do you have a family room in your house that feels empty and doesn't have a lot of appeal? If you want to make changes to the room in an effort to bring your family closer together, your options are unlimited. The key is the make the room feel warm and inviting so everyone in your household will want to spend more time in it. You can hire an interior designer to assist with the project, or you can come up with something great on your own. Read More 

Creating Your Own Personal Caribbean Style Using Online Shops

Are you planning on heading to the Caribbean islands for a vacation in the coming future? Then it is worth understanding how online shops can help. Online beauty stores can provide you with the selection of items you need to create the Caribbean beauty concepts outlined below. The Caribbean Is Full Of Beauty Secrets Anyone who has ever been to the Caribbean islands or met someone from there knows that they are filled with beautiful people. Read More 

Factors That Might Affect How Long It Takes To Get Your New Wood Floors Installed

Hardwood floors are beautiful additions to your home, but they don't go in quickly. If you need your new floors by a specific date, you'll want to start the process weeks in advance. That way, you can avoid delays that might ruin your plans. Your flooring contractor will give you an idea on how long it will take based on several factors. Here are some of the things that influence how long it takes to get new hardwood flooring installed. Read More 

Places To Install Awnings When You Operate A Youth Baseball Facility

Awnings aren't just for mounting to your house and hanging over outdoor patios at neighborhood restaurants. There are a number of other ways that organizations can incorporate awnings to provide shade and even serve other purposes. If you're in charge of maintaining a youth baseball facility, you're likely open to any changes that can improve the facility for players, fans, and volunteers — and awnings can definitely deliver. Here are three places around the youth baseball facility that awnings can be suitable to install. Read More