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Hello, my name is Janice, and my hobby is gardening. If you enjoy gardening as much as I do, I'm sure that you'll learn several interesting things when reading this blog. I became interested in gardening several years ago when my husband and I bought a small house in the country. The property had the perfect spot for a garden and I immediately began planting and harvesting many home grown vegetables. After moving into the house, I also started making small improvements to our country home. In this blog, you'll learn gardening tips and unique ideas for sprucing up the inside and outside of your country home.

5 Modern Furniture Options Ideal For Video Game Players

Modern furniture features a clean style, appears uncluttered, and often has smooth and sleek surfaces. If you love playing video games, not only can modern furniture add a great style to your gaming room, but there are many advantages to choosing the furniture options. Adding pieces of furniture to your gaming area can make it easy to organize games, play comfortably, and invite other friends over for gaming nights. The following five contemporary furniture options can be mixed and chosen for your game room and can add a lot of character to your home.

Modern Stools

A modern stool, is typically thin, sleek, and doesn't take up a lot of space. When inviting guests over for game night, a collection of stools is great way to supply extra seating. Modern stools can finished with all types of materials. A basic stool features a plastic curved bucket seat that offers extra back support. Add extra comfort by purchasing a padded stool that features a softer finish like leather or fabric. Stools can also feature foot rests so that feet are not dangling off them and players can have more comfort. Depending on the location and TV positioning, stools with adjustable heights can make it easier for players to find the best gaming position.

Cube Unit Bookshelves

A cube unit bookshelf features minimal clutters and separated storage spaces. These organizational shelves can be placed on the ground or hung up on walls for easy access. The separation of the cubes makes it a lot easier to organize video games and accessories. For example, one cube can be dedicated to games for a specific system. Another cube can be used for accessories like gaming headsets.

If you own or play any toys-to-life video games, then a cube can be used to showcase these figures. Toys-to-life games use real action figure toys that come alive on the screen when placed on a gaming platform. Additional cubes can be used for video game collectibles and decorations like figurines, bobble heads, or small statues.


Ottoman cubes feature smooth designs and have multiple uses in a gaming room. One use is additional seating. Friends and family can easily pull an ottoman up and sit on it while playing games. They also make a great foot rest for you to stretch out and relax while sitting on a couch or chair. Storage ottomans feature open compartments on the inside. This is a great area to store extra gaming accessories like back-up controllers, batteries, or power cables. It helps remove clutter from the room while still giving you quick access to your gaming items.

End Tables

With a smooth surface and minimal design, a modern end table can offer great convenience while not taking up too much space. The top of the end table is a great place to put your gaming controllers and television remotes when they are not needed. A lot of modern-style end tables also feature small open storage areas or magazine holders. These spaces are ideal for holding video game magazines, gaming guides, or a small gaming device like a tablet.

Rolling TV Carts

Take your gaming to the next level with a rolling TV cart. Along with a permanent TV area, a rolling TV cart can give you and other players second-screen options while playing. It's easy to roll the cart in and run massive multi-player games. It's also great for running two different consoles at the same time. You can also use it for multi-tasking. For example, you can watch a sports game on one TV while playing video games on the other. When the additional TV is not needed, it's easy to roll it out of the way and save space in the gaming area.

Shop at modern furniture stores to see different colors and styles that can match your gaming preferences.